Add to the Beauty Arts is about this main thing: raising up an army of Artist Priests who will glorify Jesus in the Nations. I am an Intercessory Artist Missionary. That simply means I pray, create art, and spread the Gospel. In deeper terms, it means going before God to seek His heart so we can pray after His heart, responding creatively to what He shows us, and proclaim it to the world through our work.

Add to the Beauty has three basic principles: Scripture, Spirit, and Skill. 

SCRIPTURE: because we need to hear what He is saying. It starts with the Bible. And the outcome is intimacy. We are prophetic voices to this generation. A prophet proclaims ewhat He has heard and seen. Intimacy with Him is where we get the Word from his heart and speak it forth in our endeavors. 

SPIRIT: because we need to see in the heavenlies. We are invited by the Holy Spirit to come through the veil, even the veil of Christs flesh, to a new and living way, into the Holy of Holies. It is just as real as our natural existence, and the father has so much to show us in the Spiritual realm. And so much that can affect us as artists.

SKILL: because we are the hands and feet of Jesus. We do not offer Him anything that costs us nothing. There is every reason to receive the opportunity for growth with thanksgiving and be the best artisans we can be. To learn excellence in craft is honoring to God, and really opens up much more possibilty for us! 

This is the heart of our training model. It is intentional and purposeful and Spirit-driven, so that you will be well equipped to minister to Him and to the world He calls you to. 

But we cant forget one more very important thing: we are part of the Body of Jesus, and we need each other. And His Body needs us! This is why we encourage gatherings of artists to encourage, share, equip, collaborate, and make new friends.

Please read more in our blog and our “Why?” page, as well as our Current page to see what’s being offered in the near future.

Together we are all adding to His Beauty.

How did it really start? The seed of ATBA really started in my heart when I was in high school. I had a great art teacher who supported me exploring my faith and prophetic gifting. While studying painting at the University of Alabama (not your typical place for art education), I began to see that some kind of journey lay ahead for this artist who loved Jesus and wanted to serve His Kingdom.

That journey led me to Last Days Ministries, whose founder was the musicain Kieth Green. There in the Discipleship Training School I envisioned a school for training artists in their God callings. Not many people were doing this at the time – it was a seed being planted in the hearts of many around the world.

Then I served with Youth With A Mission, helping pioneer an arts-in-mission program and getting more understanding of what it would mean to be a Kingdom artist in the missions world. It was definitely uncharted territory.

Several years went by, and I worked as a carpenter while working on my portfolio of art. The dream of gathering and training artists was written down in a handmade book and laid on the Altar.

Then in 2007, several things happened that catapulted me into a new season. I began to serve in the prayer movement with a House of Prayer in my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. I also went with our team to Urbana missions conference. There at Urbana I met several wonderful arts leaders who were talking the same language I had been talking for years. There God pulled back the curtain and showed me what was on His heart for the artists, and that He had people leading the way and people that needed to be raised up to continue the work.

And He showed me that I was not alone.

From there I had the privilege of creating the spaces in which our HOP team would pray and worship. I had stepped into something that made my heart come alive. As we traveled around to set up our prayer room in diferent venues each week, I could eventually see artists on the forefront of this prayer and worship movement actually assisting in founding HOPs around the world. Then I had the privilege of meeting Sarah Groves, one of my favorite singer/songwriters over the years. She had penned the sing “Add to the Beauty”, and I felt that this simple tune really spoke the heart of what this ministry should be about, expressing the beauty of His kingdom. So I personally got to ask her if I could name our ministry  after the song. She readily said yes!

So for the last decade, ATBA has taken on many projects and assignments, but the core has always been the same. We have helped raise up Houses of Prayer in Europe and Russia, shared at seminars, ministered to trafficked women, street evangelism with art, played as a musician and worship leader, created training videos, networked and made friends, and trained artists. We’ve partnered with many ministries like YWAM and IHOP Kansas City. Now as the season of human history has dramatically changed, and Jesus’ return seems so near, we are asking the Father “What’s next? How do we respond? What changes in us, and with our mission?”

Really, it remains the same. Raise up an army of Priestly Artists. And I will continue learning how to be one myself. Join the Army.

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– Jeff Davis



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